Assalamualaikum and greetings to visitors of 14th College website, UPM. Here, students can get information and news about the 14th College, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

I take this opportunity to congratulate and welcome all new students who continued their studies at UPM especially for those who are register in at the 14th College. I want to remind for those who are staying here to study hard and complied with the rules of colleges and universities throughout your 3-4 year study.


Fourteen College is one of ‘Kolej Serumpun’ (K12, K14, K15, and K16). All residents of the college should be respect and cooperate with each other so that harmony is maintained.

In 14th College you will be able to participate in various activities organized by the University or the college. Each college activities will be conducted by members of the 14th College ‘Majlis Tertinggi Mahasiswa’ (MTM) in collaboration with the college management. Students will be exposed to various activities according to the needs of today's students. With the motto of ‘Intellectual Excellent Strong’, all the activities focus on soft skills that can be beneficial when you graduate soon. 14th College was known for its high-impact activities such as FONESTA (Carnival), FISCA (Muslim festival) and outdoor activities which involved with the public or private sector. Therefore,I hope that you will be able to join and participate in all activities or programs that will be organize by the scretariat.

Finally, I hope your life in 14th College will became one of the catalysts to the success of your life.


Thank you.

Terima kasih.

Prof. Madya Dr. Faieza binti Abdul Aziz
14th College,

Universiti Putra Malaysia



Updated:: 15/03/2018 [zawiyah]


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